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Medico Labs in Homs Governorate

 A Valuable Scientific Destination for Civil Engineering Students from Al-Wataniya Private University

In the interest of the College of Engineering – Department of Civil Engineering – at Al-Wataniya Private University to empower students’ capabilities and raise the level of practical application of theoretical knowledge, the college organized a scientific visit for civil engineering students to Medico Labs in

Homs Governorate on Tuesday 22/11/2022 under the supervision of the Dean of the College, Dr. Abdulqader Al-Jundi, and  the Head of the Civil Engineering Department, Dr. Adnan Ibrahim, and Dr. Abdulelah Zaarour, a Teacher of the “Mixed Facilities” course, and with the organization and participation of the Student Body of the College of Engineering.

The students took an introductory tour inside the factory and were briefed on the building of the internal factory, its departments and its facilities. A short introductory film was shown about the history of the factory, the beginning of its establishment and the most important stages in the course of its development and construction until the present time.

The scientific visit, in its essence, intended to inform the students about the construction and expansion area behind the factory, where Dr. Abdulelah Zaarour explained to the students the construction mechanism adopted in the construction of buildings, what are the most important materials used in them, and the need to know how to construct buildings mixed between beton and iron.

It is noteworthy that it is the second scientific visit in a row at the beginning of this new academic year for students of the Department of Civil Engineering to valuable scientific places and destinations that will make a tangible difference for them in their understanding of the academic courses, linking the

practical side with the academic, and improving the useful scientific outputs as much as possible.

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